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The Perfect Potato for the Everyday Gourmet
Discovery Garden’s first offered the Sierra Rose® in the spring of
2008. This potato’s golden inside has a creamy texture and is
wrapped in a shiny red to dark mahogany skin. It is so creamy you will
think it has been whipped with butter! It also has a remarkable
After the success of the
Sierra Gold®, Robert Campbell, general
manager of Discovery Garden’s, knew he was on to something. He
remained confident that consumers wanted new and better tasting
potatoes. While some in the industry were looking at exotics, Rob
wanted to stay in the mainstream, thus he started looking at red
potatoes. Sierra Rose® allows Discovery Garden’s to offer more choice
and continue to build up a market for premium gourmet potatoes.
Characteristics and Additional Information

September to April from Washington; May to August from Bakersfield, California.
Strengths: Excellent storage longevity. High tolerance to common tuber defects.
Weaknesses: Slight susceptibility to silver scurf and early blight skin lesions; manageable with
careful harvest and good storage environment.

Tuber Shape: Elongated oval from four to ten ounces.
Eyes: Shallow and easy to peel.
Skin: Thin smooth skin similar to most red varieties.
Flesh: Deep yellow.

Plant Variety Protection: Certificate Number Pending
Unauthorized propagation prohibited
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5 lb bag
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