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combines the creamy texture of a golden potato with the hearty
skin of a Russet. It surpasses other yellow potatoes in color, taste,
and flavor scores.

Sierra Gold® was the pioneer for branded potato marketing in the
US. California Oregon Seed retains exclusive ownership of the
trademark and proprietary rights to it. California Oregon Seed and
Discovery Garden’s are responsible for distribution of the seed to
growers and for sales and marketing to retail stores.

Sierra Gold® hit the store shelves in 2002.
Bake it, Roast it, Mash it, Fry it, or Microwave it.

Distribution:  Year-round; shipping points US-nationwide and Canada.
Strengths: High resistance to hollow heart and brown center. Low incidence of internal and
external defects. Resistance to enlarged lenticels. Excellent storage longevity.
Weaknesses: Some susceptibility to shatter bruise, blackspot, and common scab. May break
dormancy early in storage, but manageable with proper use of sprout inhibitors.

Tuber Shape: Small, immature tubers are round. Mature tubers are slightly flattened,
oval to oblong.
Eyes: Shallow and distributed more heavily near the stem end. Eyebrows are slightly prominent.
Skin:  Light uniform russet skin; lighter than a Russet Norkotah. Net is fine to medium.
Flesh: Yellow, similar to Yukon Gold.
Specific Gravity: Equivalent to Yukon Gold.

Parentage:  Krantz x Delta Gold
Potato Variety: TX1523-1Ru/Y
Developers: Texas A&M University, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station,
and California Oregon Seed, Inc.
Plant Protection: Certificate Number 200200202
Unauthorized propagation prohibited.
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